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Exclusive Representation Agreement


Tenant hereby appoints Atlanta Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. ("Broker") as its exclusive agent with the exclusive right to select property and negotiate for its lease on behalf of Tenant, subject to the following provisions:

Time. The period of this agency shall commence on _____________ ___ , 20___, and terminate at midnight on _______________ ___, 20___.

Property and Authority. Broker is authorized only: (a) to select properties that substantially meet the requirements set forth below, as modified from time to time in writing by Tenant; (b) to present those properties to Tenant; and (c) on Tenant's approval to negotiate for their lease, but not to commit Tenant to the lease of any premises of to sign any instrument on behalf of Tenant without Tenant's express written consent.

The basic requirement for the property are:

Type of Property:______________________________________________

Rent: _______________________________________________________


Compensation: The Owner of the property shall pay Broker's commissions in accordance with the attached Schedule of Lease Commissions. If the Owner does not agree to pay a commission which is acceptable to Broker, but a lease of the property is consummated, then Tenant shall pay a commission in accordance with said Schedule of Lease Commissions, payment to be made upon execution of the lease by both parties. Broker shall also be entitle to receive the aforesaid commission from Tenant in the event of Tenant's default on an executed lease. Tenant agrees that in the event of a purchase of property presented to Tenant during the term of this agency or any extension thereof, or during the one hundred fifty (150) day period referred to in Section 5 thereof, Broker shall be entitled to be paid a commission based upon ___________ (_____%) of the sales price to be paid through escrow.

If within one hundred fifty (150) days after the expiration of the period of the agency described above or any extension of it, Buyer shall enter into an agreement to lease property from any person with whom Broker has communicated in pursuit of the objective of the agency before its expiration, Buyer shall pay compensation as thought the transaction were procured during the agency period, provided Broker notifies Buyer of the communication in writing during the agency period or within ten (10) days after the expiration thereof, identifying the Owner and the property.

In consideration of this agreement, Broker agrees to utilize reasonable effort and diligence to achieve the purpose of this Agreement.

Tenant acknowledges receipt of a copy of this Agreement.

Dated: _____________________________ _______ , _____

Broker: ____________________________________________

By: ________________________________________________

Tenant: ____________________________________________

By: ________________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________



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