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Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Georgia is known for its Southern hospitality, beautiful weather and abundant real estate. For years, one of the fastest-growing areas of the state has been Atlanta. Home to more companies as they begin to discover the benefits of the Metro area, the commercial real estate market is thriving. For companies looking to buy commercial property in Atlanta, there's plenty from which to choose.

According to the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Metro Atlanta area will be experiencing unprecedented growth for the next 25 years. According to the ARC, population and employment forecasts are very positive. By 2030, the 20-county area surrounding Atlanta will have more than seven million residents, with 5 million jobs available in various high-growth industries.

Yes, Atlanta is open and definitely ready for business. Whatever commercial endeavor is in the plans, there is a property in Atlanta that will be the perfect choice. A variety of Atlanta investment properties are available for renovation or new construction, depending on one's needs. Currently, office space is one of the most sought-after commercial properties. As more companies are relocating to Atlanta or establishing branch offices in the Metro area, office space is in demand more than ever before. The area has recently seen an increase in medical research companies that call Atlanta home, and there are many office facilities ready to meet their needs. Some of the most popular properties include both office space and laboratory space, along with warehouses and production space if needed. With prices ranging between 4-5 million dollars, they are seen as wise investments for companies interested in rapid growth and expansion.

Local Area

One of the state's best areas for commercial real estate is Fulton County. Home to more than one million residents, it's one of the state's most business-friendly governments. According to recent statistics, the area has the highest-growth in the number of companies owned by women, and actively encourages female and minority-owned businesses to take a strong look at the area as a potential site for their companies. Many commercial development projects are currently in the works in Atlanta, such as the Edgewood-Candler Park Station and the Flatiron Building. Looking to lure both entrepreneurs and investors, owners are pouring over $10 million into these buildings, and this is just a small sample of Atlanta's commitment to commercial growth. Whether you're looking for investment property or a place to locate a business, Atlanta has something for everyone.

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